Ahimsa offers prenatal yoga weekly Thursdays 6pm-7pm at White Lotus Chiropractic - 1001 Madison St., Oak Park (Madison Ave. and Home Ave.)

White Lotus Chiropractic has a small and beautiful studio equipped with yoga props.  

Registration is available below, but all weeks may not show. Jump forward to all classes on our schedule page.


Below are tips to practice yoga while at a non-prenatal yoga class.

Please let the instructor know before class that you're pregnant. 

1. Avoid lying flat on your back for more than a few minutes

2. Avoid lying on your belly (lie on your side instead, or rest in child's pose)

3. Avoid deep twists, for obvious reasons. Take "open" twists, sometimes twisting in the opposite direction of the class

4. Don't stretch too much (ligaments are vulnerable because of the relaxin hormone), so focus on light stretching, breathing, and stability

5. Take savasana propped up, or lying on your left side