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AHIMSA YOGA STUDIO - 4 LOCATIONS - Unlimited yoga $49

EVERYONE loveS AHimsa Yoga!

find your center at ahimsa

Get Our new student Special for $49

We Have Four Locations and Thanks to Our Dedicated Students. Our students feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe at our studios. Hundreds of our students have stopped their search after trying Ahimsa. Come and see for yourself - you will feel amazing - get stronger- reduce stress - and live a better life.

We have Four Beautiful Yoga Studios in Oak Park, Berwyn, Elmhurst, and La Grange.  Our Memberships are Good at All Four Locations! 


Downward dog at 4 locations: Oak Park - Berwyn - Elmhurst - La Grange

Get our New Student Special and Find Your Center at Ahimsa! 

I love the variety of instructors, different styles of yoga teachings, and the scheduling that offers so many options for my schedule which isn’t always consistent or reliable. - Ginger Tissier
— Google Review
  • Take as many classes as you want for $39
  • Your month starts on the date of your first visit
  • Use our mats and props!
  • Receive 15% off any yoga gear at the studios